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Kiss Me Sailor Navy Blue

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Contemporary magical fantasy




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Among the culture-packed, rowdy streets of New Orleans lives a secret that passes through the crowds of people unnoticed… hidden in plain sight. Magic.

Communities of Mages and Sorcerers reside in relative peace within the mortal population. But peace never exists without crime to undermine it, and former officer Sariyah Pierce stands at the centre of it all.

Skilled, but scarred by her experiences, she returns to her hometown to help a friend in need. But with memories from her past disrupting her magic, and deep insecurity plaguing her every decision, she’s unsure if she can live up to the abilities she once possessed to protect her friend and restore her pride.

For fans of contemporary magical fantasy

A thrilling tale of adventure, discovery and personal growth. This contemporary fantasy novel highlights the relationships we build, and the influences brought to bear on young lives – all combined with a dynamic mix of action and magic. Mythologies and real-world history intertwine to create a rich backdrop for an unforgettable cast of characters.


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