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The Girl in the Opaque Mirror

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Contemporary magical fantasy




Ad Lucem Fantasy Publishing

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One year on from her awakening, Aradia feels as though she’s finally taking the magical reality of the world in her stride.

A new happy family is forming for her; she has love and a career. But tension between the Adyta of America and the resurfacing of familiar enemies in Western Europe will threaten the very stability of the world she is just growing accustomed to.

Aradia will begin to question her life in the face of new friends – and with the possibility of a civil war rapidly becoming a reality, not all is at it seems, whether in politics, with Aradia’s magic, or a mysterious new ally.

Follow her journey as she discovers an intriguing new aspect to her magical abilities.

For fans of contemporary magical fantasy

A thrilling tale of adventure, discovery and personal growth. This contemporary fantasy novel highlights the relationships we build, and the influences brought to bear on young lives – all combined with a dynamic mix of action and magic. Mythologies and real-world history intertwine to create a rich backdrop for an unforgettable cast of characters.


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