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The Hallowed Forsaken

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Contemporary magical fantasy




Ad Lucem Fantasy Publishing

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Magic awakens…

Unwittingly thrust into a world of magic and ancient history – hunted by her own parents who have already tried once to kill her – young, pretentious Sophie Lockwood is awakened to the true reality and magical subculture that lives within society. Navigating this new world will endanger her and those she loves, and challenge the very nature of her being. With a host of eccentric, mystical companions, she must learn to survive in a world full of peril.

But how exactly are an eager young Sorcerer, an arrogant gothic English girl, and a circus ringmaster going to help with that?

Follow the journey Sophie takes in this newly discovered world, as she is forced to adapt her beliefs in light of her surroundings, accompanied by new friends already well versed in the practice of magic.

Officer Sariyah Pierce, a skilled Sorcerer, returning to the line of duty after a prolonged leave of absence is tasked with protecting the teenager. Pierce acts under the wise command of Consul Donovan Gesture, a veteran of magical society, high up in the underground organisation known as the Adytum of New Orleans.

When the depraved followers of the Deorum – an ancient race of evil gods – threaten to expose magic to the world with their dark rituals, and attempt to use Sophie herself to do it, who can she trust to guide her? And how can the cult possibly be stopped?

For fans of contemporary fantasy

A thrilling tale of adventure, discovery and personal growth, this contemporary fantasy novel highlights the relationships we build, and the influences brought to bear on young lives – all combined with a dynamic mix of action and magic. Mythologies and real-world history intertwine to create a rich backdrop for an unforgettable cast of characters.


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